On the way

It’s about 7:20 and Ty is almost to Denver. His flight leaves around 11 am. We coached him up on using wipes and assuming any and everything there is has germs on it. Hope he has fun, Chicago is going to be freezing all week long.

Lori and I watched Homeland on Showtime last night and hung out in a semi-empty house. Of course the dogs do their best to keep us busy.

Today I need to pay a deposit on the floors. Yesterday while stocking up on $600 worth of supplies at Costco, my left leg sort of in my hip joint started aching. This is of course because I have been favoring that side due to the operation but boy did it hurt. It’s better this morning but I need to take it easy. I’m one of those that always does too much when healing but I think I’ll try to not do as much today. Lori already shoveled and started the car, she’s a strong girl and would have made a good pioneer woman.

The Today Show led off their broadcast this morning with the quarantined cruise ship in Japan where cases of the virus doubled over night. It went from 61 to 135 which is more than any country other than China. They had a 74 year old American woman on the phone Facetiming saying we need to get off the ship now before we too get sick. I don’t think the authorities are going to let anyone off. Can you imagine? What would you do? One report out of China says 400 million are in lockdown and 1.5 million are infected with 50,000 dead. There are satellite photos showing Sulphur dioxide emissions coming from Wuhan and they say the only thing that could cause that are crematoriums working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Funerals are banned there too as is any contact with anyone else. They’re pretty much out of food but on top of that only one family member can go out for an hour a day to try to get food. These numbers are more realistic and with the internet you knew China couldn’t suppress the real numbers forever. The news also showed people forcibly being taken away from their homes. Don’t think that could happen here? Think again. Think for yourself and remember if you wait to get basic living supplies until everyone else does, it’ll be too late. Worse case is you’ll have some extra food, a bitchin face mask for home projects (if you buy a face mask) and extra supplies in case you get a cold.

It’s supposed to stop snowing now and be pretty much clear for the next 10 days. We can use the break as we’ve lost about 5 parking spots that are now filled up with snow. They need to get a front loader in here and haul it away as it’s not going to melt anytime soon.

In closing, no need to panic, yet, just time to prepare. You buy food and stuff anyhow, just buy a little extra in case you can’t go to a store for a few weeks. That’s it, hopefully like a bad movie this won’t be some historical record of the Great Pandemic. May God Bless you and God Bless us all.

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