Lori Day 2

Well she’s at it again. Shoveling outside trying to move the car before the plow comes. She already made coffee, took both dogs out and fed them too. And that’s just this morning! Yesterday she cleaned and helped Ty pack and cooked and did some other things I missed as I pretty much watched reruns of Homeland all day. I’m feeling better every day but sadly for her, it’ll be at least a week from tomorrow before I can lift anything of substance and do any shoveling. Things should be easier with the kids gone on their trips.

Jag made it to Florida and to the boat while Ty is supposed to be at DIA at 6 am tomorrow. That could be a challenge. Personally I wouldn’t be too upset if they didn’t make it as I’m not thrilled with the Chicago trip but of course all the kids want to go.

Italy at the end of the month is looking less likely by the day. The virus is not to be underestimated although most in our society do as they’ve be conditioned to think nothing will ever happen to them. The videos of citizens in China and other countries where it’s common to suspend rights are scary. The authorities are rounding people up by force and taking them to quarantine camps. If they take you and you didn’t have the virus you almost surly will after being housed with hundreds that do! The actual numbers no one knows but they’re way above what we’re being told. Some say over 30,000 dead and hundreds of thousands infected. That makes more sense as does anyone really think China would shut down their country and economy and quarantine over 60 million people over 600 deaths? Sounds a little fishy to me as way more people die from the flu. Chinese authorities say at least 5 million people left Wuhan before they locked down the city mid-January and they spread out all across China. For sure some of those got out to neighboring countries too. At this point, it’s just a matter of time to see how bad this gets. 100% Containment is no longer an option. This thing is every where. No matter where you live the person next to you in line at the grocery store or bank could be carrying the virus. Any doctor office has to be suspect for sure. We’re just too connected as a society these days. Now the best course of action is to be prepared to try to not get sick and if you do, to have supplies on hand to try to get better. On top of things, you can get this more than once! Some will ignore this all together, others will go overboard and cut themselves off from the World and go no where near any stores or people and most of us will be aware but continue with day to day life. I actually know of some people on lock down already. Can you imagine if all travel and stores and businesses were shut down for 14 days? Are you ready for that? Do you have enough food, medicine, toilet paper? Could happen. CNN of all people was blasting Trump yesterday for not sealing the borders, wow.

Lori just came in. I have a lot of respect for her as ever since I’ve known her she has that mentality of if it needs to be done, she doesn’t complain but rather just tackles it head on, no matter the challenge. I feel bad my surgery coincided with the largest snowstorm of the year. Oh well, that’s it, time to get moving, hope everyone is well, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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