Still fighting

I slept from about 7 pm last night until 6:30 am this morning and hope to be feeling better today. I have like a half cold with a lingering headache, sore muscles and a halfway stuffed up nose. Meanwhile Jagger came home not feeling well around 1 yesterday afternoon and is staying home today. That means he’ll miss the game tonight too. Not sure if he’ll go to Hotchkiss tomorrow or not.

Ty went to Zoe’s last night as she’s off to Israel today. I’ll be taking him to school and Lori to work in 30 minutes. I think he has an early game tonight around 4:30.

Lori’s whole team is on Z-Pak’s as they have two people out. Libby is calling me one in today so I’ll try that. No snow this morning. It’s not like we got a lot it was just wet and icy and the pass was closed yesterday for most of the morning. Guess that’s about it, time to go. Hope you all are well, wash your hands! God Bless.

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