Figured it out

Well it only took me a week and a couple doctors and three girls stuck in a snow bank to figure things out. I have a hernia, maybe a double hernia, ha. Yesterday morning the aforementioned three girls were stuck in the snow so being the charming man I am, I grabbed a shovel and proceeded to dig them out. Then all it was going to take was a good push or two to get them on their way. That’s the moment when I self diagnosed my hernia. I felt a twang in my upper left groin area right below my belt and when I grabbed my stomach I could feel the bump about the size of a ping pong ball. I pushed it in and it was like a bubble going under ice or like when you’re trying to get an air bubble out of some plastic or something. Right then I was sure I had a hernia. I suspected this a week ago last Thursday when I first felt it while working out but had subsequently gone to the gym and worked out since. I called Lori right away to find the right surgeon and she asked Eric who recently had the same thing and he said to call Dr. Lisles. It took him a few hours to call me (the benefits of Lori working at the clinic!) but when we spoke and I told him what happened, he confirmed yes I have a hernia. I’ll see him at 11 Monday morning. I asked if it could be sore on both sides and he told me I probably have a double hernia which is very common. Likely I’ll have a quick out patient laparoscopy and be good to go and back to the gym in 7 to 10 days. I’m supposed to fly to Seattle Tuesday and come home Wednesday but we’ll see what Dr. Lisles says Monday. Now on top of that I do have a cold but I secured some antibiotics as a safe measure which I’m taking.

Jag was home all day and is skipping the basketball road trip today to Hotchkiss. Ty wants to go but we’ll see. Lori is off to Denver to get her hair done and look at tile and I’m not sure if I’m going along or staying home. Denver is such a mess I hate having her go alone.

Looks like the conorvirus is here in Colorado, Lakewood to be exact, nice. Of course they say (don’t believe everything “they” tell you) is that there is no risk to anyone. Funny how all officials say this even though we now have cases in multiple States. Wonder if “they” themselves would go anywhere near the hospital, hmm. In our uber connected World it doesn’t take many hours for anything to spread around the World. Too many people are flying here and there and there is no possible way to control everyone. Watch out for anyone in public who looks like they have a fever and are coughing. If on a plane, wear a mask!

It’s 7 now and I can go to the gym for cardio if I don’t engage my abdominal muscles so I’m going with Lori. I told Dr. Lisles I’m anti pain pill and will just live with the discomfort until Monday. After the gym we’re going to Jennifer Ebner’s, our friend who is also building a house and is a designer as Lori wants some help with tile. Then we’ll rush home so she can head down for her 2 pm hair appointment.

That’s it, time to get moving, and don’t push any cars out of snow banks if you have groin pain! God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Geez Doug, I know when we were talking you mentioned you thought you might have a hernia but chalked it up to a pulled muscle. Do you remember when you were just a little guy you had a hernia and had to go into the hospital? Good Luck!

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