The flu

Ok, no one here has the flu, as of right now anyhow. But at Lori’s work, she has two people out. Eric has a 102.7 degree fever and she sent him home yesterday and Diana is home today too with a slight fever and chills. I told Lori to wear a face mask today. I went to my cardiologist yesterday as I was still feeling punkish but I’m as fit as a 20 year old at least cardiac wise. My doctor also ran a complete blood panel and all looks good so he thinks I have or had some sort of viral infection that I was fighting off. Last night I had a brief ear ache which could have been the culprit. Lori has had a sore throat on and off but seems ok this morning. I was trying to go to Denver again to get the windows tinted on Lori’s car but with our snow and everyone moving late I’m postponing that yet again.

I think Ty and Zoe are going to dinner tonight as she’s leaving for Israel tomorrow for three months. What an experience. Not sure I’d let my kid go. They also quarantined 11 million people in China due to the conorovirus but this seems a little too late with a case in Washington State and half a dozen other countries. Looks like I’ll be wearing a mask when I go to Seattle next week.

No basketball practice today as the boys get a break before their game tomorrow. I have a lot of work to do today. The impeachment thing on tv is a joke. I haven’t watched but say what you will about Trump, there’s not anything he did that warrants impeachment. What a waste of time. Time to go shovel, be well, God Bless.

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