More snow

While the Front Range, meaning Denver, has had little to no snow this year, we’ve had a good year. Yesterday we added to our total. I think some more is coming today too. That’s ok with us as we’ll always take moisture which is water.

Yesterday was a busy day which is why I forgot the blog. I noticed I even spelled “run” wrong and wrote ruin. That’s because Robin told me I missed it and I wrote it from my phone and the keys are just too small.

Ty made it home around 9 and Jag around 11:30. Both lost their games with Jag’s close and Ty’s a blow out. We’re more of a ski school than most other schools.

Lori is off to the gym and I’m letting the boys sleep as late as possible. I have a lot of computer work to do today.

The impeachment thing is going on but I’m not watching. What a joke. Then you have Bloomberg and his billions trying to buy the election. How about Virginia trying to overturn the 2nd Amendment? 22,000 people showed up to protest and the blackface Gov (remember him?) who outlawed the right to carry a gun saying gun owners would cause a massacre. The Dems were hoping for some sort of violence that they could use as an example of why they need to take ALL guns away from law abiding citizens but there was only one arrest for a woman who refused to remove a mask she was wearing. Hmm, looks like maybe law abiding gun owners are not the problem after all. It’s so sad and disappointing what’s going on and for the life of me I can’t figure out why every single democrat is voting to take away Constitutional rights from the people. The Constitution has been in place since 1776 but today’s democrat’s think somehow it’s up to them to change it, unbelievable. It’s amazing people can’t look beyond whether they like Trump or not. Sure he’s crude and says outrageous things but our economy has never been so good, unemployment is lower than ever and the U.S. is stronger than ever. The Dems have been after this guy since day one and their plan is to create a divide among the American people. They ought to be ashamed and run out of office. I’m sure others (half of the Country or so) have a different view. Oh well, all of this just hurts you and me no matter which side you’re on. The politicians are like a bunch of little kids, God help us.

Boys, I know both of you will do something to make our Country and the World a better place. We need you and others like you to turn this mess around. Your generation has a big challenge ahead of it as things cannot continue this way. You’re both smarter and more practical than many of those elected officials we’re watching now. Good luck and God Bless.

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