Good morning! Yesterday is a blur as we got up at 5:15 a.m. to get out the door and on our way to Denver by 6:30 a.m. We thought it would be clear driving but the Highway Patrol closed I-70 East due to sun glare and diverted traffic to a one lane frontage road…no fun!

That first paragraph was written by the lovely Lori! A few more highlights, she lost an earring. It was a little hoop with some little diamonds on it, bummer.

Today Ty goes back to school. Tomorrow it’s his birthday! We also have a basketball game tomorrow. The game the other day I learned we lost by two points because the coaches didn’t start Jag because he was out injured. He did hit the buzzer beater to go to overtime and scored all the points in overtime but it should never have gone that far and wouldn’t if they played him earlier in the game. I don’t understand some people or coaches sometimes. I mean just what are they trying to teach or prove? Don’t get hurt, ah dud. Oh well, the whole team was more disappointed that they didn’t play Jag than he was and he was pissed as it just wasn’t logical and Jag is a very logical kid. He told Mom he’s just so over high school. I don’t blame him as he’s already in college in his head.

The joke of impeachment is going on but I and most people are not paying much attention. The Dems have turned this into such a joke. Pelosi even signed various copies with a bunch of different pens like it’s some great new law or something and then handed ceremonial pens out to various people. Trust me, history will not look kindly on any of them. Oh well, they’re in their own little World which will come crashing down as they all do. It’s just a matter of time.

Boys, great week! Jag, we’re very proud of you as always and Ty, you are amazingly kind and caring to all people. You’re like a saint in the selfless ways you’re just naturally concerned about everyone. I won’t go into details but you make choices without thinking that always put others ahead of yourself. Tomorrow is your 16th birthday and we can’t wait! Know that you two have always been admired by all the other parents and adults who knew you. You’re amazing young men that will someday somehow change the World for the better. I know it!

God Bless.

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