Today is Ty’s 16th birthday! Whoo hoo! Hard to believe he’s 16 years old. Jag turning 18 seemed easier we think, but maybe not. Anyhow one thing’s for sure, we don’t look old enough to have 16 and 18 year old boys, right?

Today I have a sales meeting in Denver and then we have basketball games at 4:30 and 7. We also need to leave early to get Ty’s snowboard for Ski Friday. For Ty’s birthday we bought him the World’s largest portable Bluetooth speaker which he wanted, because we need louder music coming from his room. Not sure if we’re going to dinner tomorrow as the boys have a game in Grand Junction at noon and 2.

Jag had to register for the Draft yesterday. All men when they turn 18 years old still have to register, who knew. Can’t see Jag going to war at this age but many young men did throughout history. I don’t think the Draft will ever come back as wars are fought differently these days with drones and high tech missiles rather than massive amounts of people on the ground.

Time to get the boys moving. We have a busy day and weekend. It’s also Lorenzo’s Mom’s birthday today in Italy. Kristin who has worked for me for 20 years is also having her second baby today in Portland. So there ya go, a big day for 3 generations. Take care and God Bless.

Ty, super proud of you! You are a great kid and probably the kindest person we know. We always have said you’re going to have a happy life as you have that great outlook on all things that will make it so. Remember this day as it’s a special one, we love you!

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2 Responses to 16!

  1. Robi says:

    Happy Birthday TY!

  2. Annette says:

    Happy Birthday Ty! When are you getting your drivers license and a car?

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