This morning Lori and I are off to Denver. Ty stayed home sick yesterday but thankfully doesn’t have the flu. I took him to the doctor around 5 to make sure. Jag was playing basketball in Paonia and had a buzzer beater according to Ty but the other team won.

Hope Ty goes to school today but the doctor said if he isn’t feeling well to stay home. I looked at her and said “what are you doing” as if you tell him he can stay home if he isn’t feeling well, he won’t be feeling well! After all he is a teenager.

Robin and Robert bought their tickets to Aspen Food and Wine. It’ll be fun to have them here. It’s June 19th through the 21st. It’s one of our favorite events of the year.

Annette commented in response to yesterdays post, NINERS ALL THE WAY! Uh oh, looks like we might have to have a NFC Championship pool.

That’s about it. Time to run, God Bless and don’t waste your money watching the new Terminator movie, ha!

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