Today in Paonia is the boys first game that counts. They are released at 11:30 as it’s at least a 3 hour drive. Ty is sort of sick and shouldn’t go but we’ll see. The main issue is they’ll get home sometime around 11 or 12 tonight. The next game is Friday, Ty’s birthday, but at least it’s at home. Then another one Saturday another 2 or 3 hours away.

Lots of snow yesterday. I-70 was closed in both directions with numerous crashes including a semi that went off one side of the highway down on to the other. It’s straddling the median right now until they can close it again and get in some big tow trucks. It does look clear today though which is good.

Lori and I both need to leave in an hour so time to get going. I watched a little of the college national championship game last night but lost interest midway through the second quarter. I don’t even know who won.

Boys, way to work hard yesterday. I know it was a long day at school with basketball practice in the morning but those kind of days and following through with commitments build character, good job. Same to Lori, she’s one hard relentless worker, even with a headache.

Make it a great day, God Bless and don’t worry Robi, I’ll be cheering for the Packers!

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