Early Practice

This morning basketball practice starts at 6:30 so we’re all (or at least Lori and I) up early. If not for us the boys would sleep right through it. Tomorrow they have a game in Paonia which is almost 3 hours away!

Last night Jag received an email saying Stanford wants to send an alumni from the law school up from Denver to interview Jagger! Not sure what this means but we know they don’t send someone to interview everyone that applies. I think that happens this Saturday but will have to look at the email. Pretty exciting.

Today the boys also have call backs for theater. They’ve both been called back for parts in The Adams Family which is the Spring play. This means it’ll be a late night.

Lori still has a headache, what’s new right. Good football games this weekend. The 49r’s and Packers both won so either way one of our teams will be in the Super Bowl. We also ran down to the house yesterday and lots of windows are in. Jeff our electrician was there working away so we walked the house and decided where we wanted switches and some overhead lights. It’s moving along fast.

Now for the boys. Good morning guys! Hope you had a fun weekend, (you both did) and that you have a good week. Jag, Mom and I are super excited and proud of you for getting a “call back” from Stanford, WOW! Ty, Mom and I were talking yesterday about how proud we are of you for getting up and out on the mountain almost every time you can. It’s January 13th and I think you have 34 days on the hill already! You’re definitely a mountain man and athlete. Jag, it was great to learn over the weekend that you were the top scorer in lacrosse last year on JV in the entire State! Quite the achievement. Ty, way to go putting yourself out there and trying tele skiing on your own. You just decided you wanted to do it and you did it! By the way, we’re getting excited and ready for your 16th birthday this Friday, WOW! So again, we are super proud of you both and love you both very very much.

So that is it for the day. Robin and Tom had bets on the games and I think Robin is ahead so far. If Houston would have won she would have been way ahead as she was texting me during the game. Good games coming up. I like every team except Kansas City. God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Don’t you dare cheer for the 49ers!!!!!!

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