Almost middle of the month in the middle of winter. I wonder how people 100 or 150 years ago would deal with the day. They had no idea what the day would bring. I imagine the greatest challenge was just making sure they had enough food and water and firewood or heat to make it through the day. There was no tv or weathermen to warn of coming storms or obviously any grocery store to run down to and buy some eggs and milk. To survive people had to be tough and resilient or they wouldn’t make it. These days it’s a different ballgame but I think that same tenacity is needed now and will be needed much more in the future to make it. I’d write more on this but it won’t do much good and if you don’t see it already you probably never will.

Last night Lori, Jag, Madi, (Jag’s new girl) and I went to dinner. She’s a sweet girl who is really talented and has an audition at Julliard in Chicago next month for college. She’s been in theater for about 8 years and is really strong. Her and Jag are a cute couple. He’s happy and they get along like a couple. Dinner was fun with lots of laughter and me constantly checking the football score on my phone. To be fair I asked if anyone would mind at the start of dinner. The food was so so and the bill was $500 plus as it is every where up here. Ty went to Zoe’s and spent the night at Will’s house with Sonny. Jag spent the night at Tucker’s and just walked in as Tucker had an early training session for ski racing.

Today Lori and I will head down to the house to see the positioning of the overhead lighting and sign off on things or move some around. It’s snowing lightly and is going to continue through tomorrow, so they say. Ty is tele skiing again today and we need to go pick him up and take him to the mountain. That kid is fearless when it comes to heading out in cold weather. Lori and I would just stay home!

Ok boys, you had a fun weekend. hell, you’ve had a fun, blessed life so far. You’re good kids though and it makes us happy to do things for you. My Mom, (your grandma) always said she couldn’t wait until you were growing up as she was sure we’d spoil you. I continuously told her “no way, I’ll never do that”. Once again she was right and I was wrong. The older I get the more this seems to be true. So a word of warning, you two will do the same with your kids, but it’s ok. I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to spoil your kids as long as they stay grounded in reality which both of you pretty much are. Remember we love you!

That’s it, make it a great day and God Bless.

p.s. notice how I say “make it a great day” rather than have a great day as I realized it’s up to you to make the day what you want! Waking and having a great day depends too much on circumstance so get out there and make it what you want!

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