Another Choice

Last night when the boys made it home from basketball we learned Jag was accepted to the University of Colorado Boulder School of Engineering! This is a big deal as it’s a tough school (within the school) to get accepted to. Congrats! Whoo hoo! Lori and I of course hope he chooses Boulder as the tuition is less expensive than out of State and he’d be closer to home. One of our friends is on the board of the school as he’s a former graduate there and was thrilled for Jagger too. For those of you that might not know, engineering encompasses everything from aerospace to mechanical to environmental to medical and much more. In short engineering is about solving problems we face as a society and as people. You could go there and design new sustainable housing materials that would change the World as an example. It’s also rated like number 3 in the Country as far as university’s go. Hopefully one day soon we’ll be saying Jag’s a Colorado Buffalo!

Tonight we’re going out to dinner with Madi, Jag’s new girlfriend. I guess last night she sang the National Anthem at the high school basketball game. Ty says she’s really good at theater and had an audition for Julliard. Ty stayed home as he wanted to go out but we had him rest as he had Ski Friday and then basketball and was tired and needed to clean his room from being gone on the hut trip. He wants to go rent telemark ski’s today and join the tele team at school. There goes another $2K! We also received a letter from the boys school that tuition will be $30,900 next year! As a comparison, this is $4,000 more than the University of Colorado! Unbelievable. I wish everyone in the valley would just say no but I don’t think that’ll happen. Everyone will just pay it and move on and if we leave they’ll fill our spot easy.

We did find our the unit next to us is under contract (it’s been for sale) for $703K. They’ll close February 17th so we’ll have new neighbors. This is a good price as when we move we’ll list for a bit more than that.

Around 12:30 last night we noticed Jag wasn’t home so Lori texted him to see where he was and he said he was going to stay at a friends house. We were not aware of this so told him no and to come home. Yes he’s 18 but still living at home and we require notice and to know where he is. He wasn’t thrilled but made it home.

Ok boys, it’s been a busy week in yours and our lives. Your Mom is still dealing with her concussion, I’m expanding our Company and hiring people all over the Country and you’re both back at school. Again we’re proud of you both for making good choices as kids in today’s World and Grandma even offered yesterday to help out financially with school. She’s very proud of you both and loves you two very much.

That’s it everyone, make it a great day and God Bless.

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