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I was driving back from Frisco around 1:30 and passed the VMS busses on the highway coming over the pass. I knew Ty was safe and on the way home. It was a cold hike in deep snow even wearing snowshoes but he loved it. He said he needs to take an Avi course as he loves the backcountry. That is short for avalanche course. I picked him up at 3 and headed home. Jag stayed for basketball and was home a bit after 6:30.

Today is the first Ski Friday at school and Ty will go to the mountain while Jag will do something, I think snowshoe, around school. I was headed to Denver to have the Rover windows tinted but am putting it off until next week. Just too much to do and it’ll be cold and snowy a but in Denver today.

Lori worked all day yesterday and paid the price with her headache. It could take a month or more for her concussion to go away. Hopefully she’ll get out early today. She needs to rest this weekend but that probably won’t happen.

One new thing we’re going to start doing is write a few sentences to the boys every now and then, so here’s the message for today.

Boys, when you someday read this, know that I’m glad you get to sleep in while we take the dogs out every morning. I also enjoy shoveling and starting all the cars, I really do! We’re thankful you both are really good, polite, caring boys even though it’s hard to get you to clean up your room or pick up after yourself in the kitchen. We hope someday you’ll appreciate your high school years and all the fun you had living in Vail. We love you both very much.

That’s it, now go make it a great day and God Bless.

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