Well well

There’s a little snow outside, Ty gets back today at 3, Jag is working away and back playing basketball at full strength, Lori is headed to work and I’m working non-stop as usual.

Yesterday in the afternoon Lori and I met Dave our cabinet maker from Evergreen down and the house and went over the final layout in the whole house. It was a busy place with electrician’s, plumbers, guys outside laying gas lines, a few carpenters and Tom, Dave, Lori and I. Things are moving fast. This weekend we need to go approve the layout of the cans (lights) throughout the house. There’s so much to consider such as how closets are designed. Where do the hanging clothes go, shoe cubbies, places for cowboy boots, built in dressers, and more. And that’s just the closets. We’re building bunk beds into the basement wall to sleep 4 to 6 extra people for when guests come. There will be two sets of bunk beds side by side with a full on top and a queen on the bottom of each set. We also have a safe room for valuables with a vault like door hidden by a rolled metal wall that is designed so no one knows that room is even there. I guess you guys now know it’s there! I do have three close buddies who want to pay me $50 a month to store a few valuables for them as they live in Denver and want to have some items safely stored out of the city. Could be a little business, hmm. Lots more going on as well. It’s exciting and coming along fast.

Two weeks from today we’re headed to Baylor so I need to get tickets today. Then a few days later I’m in Seattle for a night and then it’ll be Mom’s birthday. I’m in Denver tomorrow having Lori’s windows tinted and a clear bra put on her car.

We were talking yesterday about all the stuff we have to go through. Not only our stuff but the stuff from Mom’s too. There’s china, crystal glasses, knick knacks, thousands of photographs and more. We have tons of clothes to go through and donate. There’s so much the boys have grown out of. It’ll be good to move as it forces you to go through everything. Once in the house I’ll go through the storage units too as most of the stuff there needs to go as well. It’s an adventure. That’s it for today. Hope everyone is well. God Bless.

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