2 weeks until school’s out!

School’s almost over for the year. Seems like we need more time. Also doesn’t really seem like the holiday season yet. Hopefully that’ll change and everyone will get in the spirit soon. The problem is we’re all so busy that no one has time to get into the spirit. When we were kids is seemed like it took forever for Christmas to get here. I remember those advent calendars that we’d watch daily as we counted down the days until Santa arrived. How things have changed.

Today I might have to run to Denver but am hoping to avoid it. Jag’s basketball game starts at 4:30 so I’ll pick Lori up around 3. Ty has lots of work to do as does Jag. It’s warm up here and a lot of the snow has melted. Ty wants to switch from basketball to the telemark team. We’ll see. Lori’s head still hurts, not sure how we’re going to fix it this time. More surgery is probably the answer. Time to get the boys moving as it’s a bit after 6:30. Have a great day and weekend, tomorrow is Mojo’s birthday! God Bless.

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