We Won!

Last nights basketball game was great. Jag’s definitely the star of the team and yes we won. The Championship Game is at 3:30 today. Had we lost we would have been playing at 11 this morning. We have a pretty good starting five but our bench isn’t deep at all. A couple times during the game the coach took Jag out along with two other starters and we had no one in who could score. This will be an issue going forward as the boys have to have a break for a few minutes during the game. They just can’t run up and down the court without getting a few minutes rest here and there. The coach though needs to do a better job of managing the team and deciding who and when to give a guy a break. We’ll be playing Vail Christian today unless they were somehow upset last night in their game after we left. Not bad for a school that’s known Statewide as a premier ski racing school!

After the game we headed to TiAmo for Lori’s team dinner with everyone on her team and their spouses. It was a fun dinner but we were out until about 9 or so. This morning we’re headed to the gym and then going down to the house to check out a few things. Then we’re going to cut our Christmas tree before the game. Ty is meeting a bunch of friends at the mountain sometime this morning.

Now for the BIG news of the day, Happy Birthday Mojo! He’s 13 today, whoo hoo! He’s such a good dog and has been such a huge part of our lives and the kids growing up. He’s getting old as 13 is old for a big dog. He has sore back legs and hips but still manages to crawl up on the couch to sleep and walk up the mountain. CBD helps him a lot. If you think back to pets you’ve owned you can associate things that happened over the years just like you can with your kids. I still remember clearly driving Mojo home about 12 years and 10 months ago from Highlands Ranch where we picked him up.

So that’s it, time to get moving, we have a busy day and a busy week. Lot’s going on. Hope everyone is well, take care and God Bless.

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