20 Days!

Christmas is 20 days away! Wow! That means somewhere between 110 and 125 days we should be moving, double wow! Time goes fast, hold on tight.

Today we have more of the same, work, school, dogs and more. It’s snowing lightly outside with big fluffy feather like flakes. Not much will stick as the ground is warm.

I had a good tasting yesterday here in town. I connected with 5 key guys or accounts that will do substantial business with me this season. I hung out from about 1 until a bit after 3 and then Lori and I went down to the house. The shower and bathroom are framed as are the new windows we wanted put in along with the front porch and more. It’s coming along fast now and Lori had to finalize all the plumbing fixtures yesterday. It’s all “dried in” meaning no weather gets in anywhere. The windows are covered in some sort of plastic.

Next week Lori and I are both traveling. After I get back from Seattle and San Francisco Lori goes to get Dixie in Sacramento. Then the fun starts. The boys will have Finals Week and then we have Jag’s 18th birthday, wow! Not sure what to get him.

We’re trying to declutter or downsize around here by slowly getting rid of stuff we don’t want or need. Last thing we want to do is haul a bunch of junk we don’t use down to the new house. It’s sort of a chance for a fresh start. In the next few weeks we should start hearing back from some colleges Jag applied to. As I said earlier, time goes fast. God Bless.

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