Strep throat

Yesterday afternoon we headed to Silverthorne only to arrive in Frisco and find I-70 closed yet again. Seems some rock slide or something happened like another accident. We got off the highway, stopped at Whole Foods and then with a few thousand of our friends, took the dam road over to get to where we needed to go. Needless to say (why do people say that and then say it anyway) it took us an extra 45 minutes or so. First stop was Bed Bath and Beyond for new bedding and a small vacuum to replace the same one we returned to Costco last week that broke. Through coupons and the Black Friday sale we ended up getting the vacuum for $200 instead of $400 which was $79 cheaper than Costco! Next up was Petco for dog food. Then we were going to hit Zumiz but the snow was coming down hard. I was worried about the pass closing and decided that we’d better just head home. Luckily we left when we did as sure enough, they closed the pass soon after we made it over.

On the way to Frisco we stopped in to the doctor as Jag still wasn’t feeling better. After a strep test, we found out he has strep throat. We picked up some amoxicillin on the way home to hopefully make him better. Meanwhile Ty stayed at Sonny’s and we’ll get him this morning.

It’s windy up here but no new snow. Jag wants to go to Denver for basketball shoes but they say the wind will be blowing as high as 80 miles an hour. I think we’ll pass today.

Yesterday was Annette’s birthday. Lori had told me but I forgot to put it in the blog so Happy Birthday Annette! Hope you had a great day and now you can make it a birthday weekend. I’m guessing you’ll go see a movie or two.

It did snow and blow until around 7 or so. We also made our turkey which turned out pretty good. Mojo loves hanging out in the snow, the colder the better.

Lori’s headache is back, not sure how it went away two days ago but we’ll try to identify what she’s doing, or not doing, that triggers it. Someday, probably after another fusion, we’ll lick this thing. That’s it, tomorrow is December 1st! Happy Holidays and God Bless.

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