December 1st

Uh oh, it’s December 1st. We have 3 birthdays, 2 trips at least, about $1.7 Million dollars in sales to get in, 10 or so final exams, 3 basketball tournaments, a company dinner and the challenge of figuring out how to get Grandma Dixie out here and back over the holidays and probably the most difficult thing, finding her a place to stay. Oh well, you do what you have to do, right mom?

Today we need to clean up a bunch as Zoe is coming over to hang out with Ty. Tomorrow the boys start the grind. They have two weeks of school before finals week and that’s it. We have a basketball game Tuesday at Vail Christian and a tournament Friday and I think Saturday.

Yesterday Jag went to basketball practice and earlier in the day I went to the gym. I washed the car, not by choice, to get all the ice that was frozen by the tires out of the wheel wells. My knees almost froze off as I was in shorts on my way to the gym.

Harley has brought every toy she owns over to me to play this morning. She and Mojo woke me at 5 to go out and then I went back to bed until about 7:30. We’re swimming in dog toys as a company called Bark Box had been charging our AMEX and when we cancelled they sent Lori a few boxes of toys and stuff. It looks like a nursery in our front room.

It’s clear outside with bright blue skies and they say near zero but I’ve been out a few times in shorts and it doesn’t seem that bad. That’s it for now, time to get moving. I’d like to go to the gym but we have a lot of cleaning before Zoe comes over. Better get moving, go Bronco’s! Oh I almost forgot, Robi and Robert are going to the Cardinals game, have fun! God Bless.

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