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Here we go, 33 days until 2020. Hard t0 believe.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours was great. After a busy morning where Ty’s snowboard boots were stolen (we’re hoping someone took them by mistake and will return them today), me picking up our turkey and a mini Christmas tree and Lori taking the dogs on a long hike, we headed to lunch.

We had a great meal and fun times. Caviar, champagne, lobster and dover sole were the highlights. For dessert there was some flaming crème brulee that Lori accidentally blew the flame out on too early so it was still swimming in alcohol as we all took a bite. Our waiter took it away and must have poured a bunch more alcohol on it to re-lite it. Earlier the boys wanted to taste the champagne, which was really good, so when I handed Ty a glass and told him to hurry before the waiter came back, much to all of our surprise, he took the glass and slammed it like it was a shot! We all looked at him with our mouths hanging open astonished and laughed. He looked at us three and said “what”? Too funny. By the way, no way he tasted anything!

We had a really nice family 2 hour plus lunch. For some reason Lori’s headache was almost all the way gone. Maybe it was divine intervention. As we were leaving a couple families from Texas who we were sort of talking on and off to throughout our meal looked at me and I said “bye and Happy Thanksgiving” and then one lady said “same to you, we were just admiring your wife” as they were looking at us leaving. How nice, Lori said that made her day. To be fair, this is pretty normal for us as Lori is, as we all know, very beautiful in that one of a kind beautiful way. Some people just get blessed with good looks. You get the picture and of course I’m biased, but it is true. Anyhow we had a really really nice time.

The rest of the day was spent with Jag and I watching the Buffalo Dallas game as he had a couple guys in his Fantasy Football league playing (he’s in 1st place by the way), Ty playing some video game with his friends and Lori taking a champagne nap. Poor Lori always gets a little more adult pops than usual as I don’t drink so it’s up to her to finish the bottle. Of course I have a celebratory sip for the toast, give each of the boys a taste and even give the sommelier a half glass but then it’s all up to her.

Today we’ll cook our turkey after the gym. I ate so much that I won’t eat much at all today. We were thinking of going to Denver to get Jag some basketball shoes but the news just said they’re closing I-70 near Idaho Springs to clean up a rock slide from the snow storm a few days ago. Maybe tomorrow. Ty wants to go to the mountain so we need to get moving to the gym.

Hope you all enjoyed the day and made some memories of your own. I did talk with Robin yesterday and we reminisced about growing up and Thanksgiving and she remembered every single thing I wrote yesterday. Tommy too. Good times. That’s it, time to get moving. Have a great day, take care, God Bless and Happy Holidays!

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