Here it comes!

They say a big storm is supposed to hit tonight. We could get up to a foot here and the same in Denver. In fact, same with the whole Country. Then another storm is supposed to hit Wednesday with lots of airport delays and road closures. Again though, we’ll have to wait and see. This time though, with so many saying it’s so, you’d better prepare by at least getting your Thanksgiving shopping done today if you haven’t already done so.

Lori and Jag made it home by 9:45 while Ty beat them by 5 minutes. Ty took off mid-afternoon to go hang out with friends. Looks like he and Zoe are “dating” again. We like her a lot. The in Denver show was good but long. Both boys are off all week and Lori is taking Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off. We are planning on going to the design center on Wednesday but will have to wait and see how much snow Snowmageddon brings, ha.

This is the last week of December, wow. A week from today is December 2nd and then we’re off. Hold on to your hats! God Bless.

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