A mini break

Today Lori and Jag are supposed to go down for the Colorado People’s Choice Awards but Jag texted at 5:30 am saying he couldn’t sleep and didn’t feel well. Knowing this we’ll probably not go. Anthony the designer told us it’s ok if he missed this one but Lori will need to call him.

Ty was out until 10 and Jag came home soon after. Lori went to bed early and we’re going to try to get her a massage today for her neck. We did go down to Denver to look at some more tile and I had a haircut so I don’t have to go on Tuesday.

Watching the news it looks like we might be spared from tomorrow nights snow. Seems to be a Denver and front range event. That’d be good for the builders. I think we’ll run down today and see how much snow is at the house.

It’s a short week for everyone but I have a lot of work to do as the month ends Saturday. We did receive our final version of the contract between us and a German company called RM which is short for Rotkaeppchen Mumm which is the largest sparkling wine company in the World. We’re entering a joint venture we’ve been working on for about a year that gives them an option to buy us for a minimum of $12 Million in 36 months or before. There’s lots of details but it could be a good thing. Upon signing we’ll get a large cash infusion and double or triple our size within a matter of months. We’ll see where it goes.

Time to get moving, have a good last Sunday of November, GB.

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