Blue sky

It’s nice and clear outside which is nice after a gloomy day yesterday. I think we’re getting a little snow tomorrow night or Monday night. Not sure. Jag and Lori made it home around 7 as he needed an x-ray and MRI on his wrist. We were all holding our breath that he didn’t have a fracture. Thankfully around 9 pm Dr. Viola called and said it just looks like a contusion and bad bruise and he should be ok and to just tape it up when he’s playing basketball. He’s dunking the ball a lot so maybe this has something to do with it or it could be from a week or so ago when we were goofing around and he hit me in the shoulder and hurt his hand due to my rock hard bicep, ha. I still have a bruise and we didn’t think anything of it at the time but his wrist had been bugging him on and off since then. The ATC (athletic trainer) sent him over yesterday afternoon from practice. Anyhow we’re all glad he’s ok.

Ty, Will and Sonny and Zoe, Talon and Chole went to see the movie Frozen 2. Sonny spent the night and they made it home a bit after 10. Lori is still sleeping as is everyone else. I ate so much yesterday I don’t need to eat until Monday. I thought I was getting sick like with the flu so I ate and drank a bunch to try to stave it off. False alarm as I feel fine today but I’m stuffed. Feels like yesterday was Thanksgiving.

The boys are off all week and Lori has some days off too. Not sure which days she’s off. We need to go to the ski locker and get Ty’s snowboard and get his bindings switched over to his new one. Maybe we’ll get that done today. Jag also needs some new basketball shoes from Denver so maybe after the gym we’ll make a trip down, we’ll know more in a couple hours. Time to get the dogs up the hill and Lori moving so we can go to the gym. Have a great day, it’ll be December soon, like a week from tomorrow. That’s really hard to believe as Fall this year came and went so fast. Don’t blink! God Bless.

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