Well it did snow but nothing like it did on the front range. We probably have 4 or 5 inches up here at most but the wind has been blowing hard. This causes drifts so you have places that are 12 inches deep. It looks like Denver and north of town had the most. Anyhow it’s November 26th so we’re supposed to have snow, right?

Yesterday I was on the highway and a Volkswagen passed me and kicked up a rock that broke the windshield on the Range Rover. What a bummer. The crack quickly spread to about 12 inches and I’m now scheduled to get it replaced tomorrow morning in Denver. What a waste of time.

Jag went with Lexi and her parents to see the movie Ford Ferrari last night which is supposedly really good. Ty was here at home with us after hanging out with Sonny and some friends for most of the afternoon.

Jag’s hand should heal up fine according to Randy, (Dr. Viola) who saw him yesterday. He just needs to tape it to play basketball and if it’s hurting from playing, he should shut it down meaning stop playing for the day. Randy thinks over the next few weeks it will gradually get better and hurt less. Shouldn’t have messed with the old man, me!

I had a headache most of the night due to working out and having the window shut. Finally I opened it around 4am only to have to get up and shut it and clean all the snow off the inside of the window and screen an hour later. I’ve taken the dogs out once but need to take them again now that they’ve had breakfast. Can’t wait for the new house where they have their own indoor outdoor dog run.

So that’s it, time to get moving, again. Tom keeps asking for our Christmas lists, maybe we can get that done today. The news just said I-70 is closed in both directions right where we get on the highway to go to Vail due to a fatal accident. It’s surreal how quickly ones life can change in the blink of an eye. Cherish life and be careful! God Bless.

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