The morning after

Ok, the gala was fun. Had to get that out front. Now to the nitty gritty, the food sucked, was literally inedible, the band was worse than they were a few years ago, the auction items were not very good and it was so hot before they let us in for dinner that we had to keep walking outside for some fresh air. Now for the fun part. We really do have a good community up here and everyone pretty much knows everyone even if not well. You recognize every person from some place you’ve been or something. As an example a nice couple came up to us and reminded us that she showed us a house 3 years ago or so. So we do have that small town togetherness which is nice. The school community is even smaller as we all have a common goal of creating and maintaining the coolest place in the World a kid can go to school. I complain about the money a lot, as it is a lot of money, but there’s no other place where a senior and a 3rd grader walk down the hall together talking about their day or just life. By the way, for Intraterm in February, Ty is on the Chicago trip which was his first choice and Jag is on a open deck sailboat in the Keys off the coast of Florida for a week with Outward Bound, tough life huh.

Our table was right up front! I think it’s because I complained about being right in the back last year. Melanie and Lori got to dance a bit with a dozen other women when the so called band started but as I said the band was sooooo bad I just couldn’t. At the end when we were leaving Marty saw his bill on his phone of $921 and was not happy. He thought Melanie bid on a bunch of useless junk. Lori looked at his phone and said “no, she only spent $371”. It came to me when we got in our car that the other $550 was for the tickets to the gala. We called them from our car driving home and told them and then Melanie said on speaker phone said, “aha, see, you mother fucker” to Marty. She said it in jest but said it like 5 times in a row making us laugh nonstop. Mel had a few cocktails so it was really funny.

Today we’re hanging out as the boys have theater from 10 until 6. Yesterday Marty and I put the new dryer in around 10 am and Jag went to basketball and Ty to the skate park. We’ll head back down to the house today to check some things out. So time to go and get everyone up and moving. Looks like Jag and Emma are “hanging out” together again. We (Lori and I and Emma’s parents) found this out from some other parents last night who found out from their kids, ha, small town advantage! Oh well, that’s fine, Emma’s a good girl. God Bless.

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