Tonight is the school fundraiser but today I need to finish installing our new dryer. I took off early for Lowes in Frisco as their web site said they had 7 in stock. When I arrived though I was told I couldn’t buy one until 3 in the afternoon? It seems they were unloading a semi and couldn’t get to them or something. So home I went. I bought one at Home Depot instead. I managed to get the old one up the stairs and outside by myself. I bought one of those strap things that looks like a giant Baby Bjorn and muscled it up the stairs one by one. Our new one spent the night in the back of my truck and Marty and I will take it down at 9 this morning. Then I should be done.

James is coming up at 11 to pick up some things like our broken dryer, some old mattresses, some chairs and other stuff we’ve had in storage or the basement for 3 years. The good thing about the dryer breaking is it forced me to clean out a bunch of crap so I could get it out of the house, ha.

The party tonight should be fun as we’re sitting with Marty and Melanie and Jennifer and Tom who are all fun friends. We all went to the Rolling Stones together. Jennifer and Tom’s new house is supposed to be done in February. Sadly I’m thinking March or April for us as you can’t pour the concrete for the driveway and patios until the ground is not frozen anymore. We could do it while it’s cold but that would cost more, ugh.

Time to get moving so we can get to the gym before Marty shows up. Have a great day, God Bless.

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