We awoke early and were on the road to Eagle by 9. Both boys were out the door right behind us on the way to theater. About 2 miles from the Eagle exit I had that “oh shit” light show up on my dash again. I had another flat tire! This time it was the left front. I made it to the exit, put some air in it at the gas station and drove up to the house. This time it took me about 12 minutes to jack up the car and change the tire. I’m getting fast at this. There’s a nail in the tire from the roofers, super. Hopefully (I think so) they can just patch it this time. We’ll drop it off at 8 this morning at the tire place.

Lori and I hung out after getting home around 1. She made chili which took over an hour and then the boys made it home around 6:15. Jag is skipping the first two periods so he can get his 500 word essay in for some scholarships at Baylor. The notified us on Friday which seems like pretty short notice.

No snow up here, just a few flakes here and there that look like ash they’re so light. The driveway isn’t covered or anything. I have some work to do around here today and then Aspen tomorrow and Denver Wednesday. Then Thursday is the show (theater) which runs through Saturday and then Sunday the Denver Fashion Show and then we have something Monday the 18th and two events Tuesday the 19th. I can’t think any farther ahead than that.

Have a great day, God Bless.

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