Getting the tyre fixed today!

We’re dropping the car off at 8 am as hopefully the tire (tyre is English) arrives today. Yesterday was spent sorting through samples of tile and floors at a shop for the house. We also spent a good hour with our builder tweaking things in the house. This involved adding a window or two, moving a wall, adding a wall, moving the shower and changing its size. I’m sure there was more but I can’t remember right now. The roof and protective layer is going on and it’s getting more and more exciting every day.

Today Ty has a makeup test this morning. Not sure what all Jag has going on. Lori has clinic and I have a few problems to handle. I also have a call with an estate in Italy at 8:30. Harley has been home all week long saving us money. My knee is surprisingly better considering it’s only been about 36 hours since my shot. It was warm up here yesterday, 65, when I guess it was kind of crappy and trying to snow in Denver. Blue skies are outside right now.

Time to go so have a good day and God Bless. Here’s a few pics of the house! Closest is our bedroom waiting on the roof, next up is a view from the dinning room up the stairs and last is Ty’s room and his great views! Enjoy!

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