What a day

The day started out with us all getting ready for work and school. Lori had clinic so I said I’d drive her. As soon as we pulled down the driveway a sensor on the dash of the Range Rover came on saying check tyre pressure. That’s how they spell tire in England where Range Rover’s are built. Lori said it’s just because it’s cold out but I didn’t think so. I scrolled through the menu which is as complicated as a 777 airplane and found that the right rear tire only had 3 pounds of pressure. I stopped and jumped out to see as I thought, a flat tire.

I pulled the car back up by the house and went to get the keys to the truck to take Lori to work. As soon as I made it home I had to change the tire and find a place to hopefully fix it. I just bought new tires 2 weeks ago and thankfully bought the Road Hazard Warranty. I called them, gave them my zip code and they found a tire shop a few miles away. So back to changing the tire. 15 minutes later I had it switched and had Trent our neighbor follow me to the tire shop. Before we left I found the nail in the tire and we pulled it out with a pair of vice grips. We started to pull out the nail and it kept coming and coming. Turns out it wasn’t a nail at all but a Jule vape pen that somehow punctured the tire. Anyhow I dropped the car at the tire shop and headed home.

My knee had been bugging me since last Thursday when I worked out apparently too hard. I slipped a bit on some ice which I think aggravated it a bit more. Later in the day I told Lori who said “give me a few minutes” and then texted me to come right over. I walked right in bypassing all the patients who had been waiting for months for their appointment. A few minutes later Dr. Hackett came in and pulled up my MRI from a little over a year ago. He bent my knee left and right and finally said I just have some arthritis and am missing most of the cartilage between my bones in my right knee meaning I pretty much have bone on bone. He said he tries to save joints but down the road, maybe, I might need to see Dr. Kim for a knee replacement! Now this isn’t what it sounds like, they don’t replace your knee. They just shave off a bit here and there and then add some material. Dr. Hackett said not to worry as he thinks a shot in my knee will calm things down. You see when I work out legs in particular, I do lunges that apparently are not good at all for me or specifically for my knee. So no more lunges. Can’t wait to tell my trainer as I hate lunges! Tom (Dr. Hackett) said they could give me a shot right away while I was there so I said go for it. 10 minutes later and a big syringe full of lidocaine and steroids was in my knee. The lidocaine numbs it and over the next 7 days the steroids will hopefully heal it. So I was in and out within 30 minutes without filling out any paperwork or anything, what a perk.

Meanwhile the tire shop called and the hole in the tire was too big to fix so they had to order a new tire from Denver which won’t be here until Thursday, ugh. That means we’re driving the truck for the next 48 hours.

We were supposed to go to a benefit for Ski Club Vail last night but decided to skip it. My knee is a little sore but I’ll be ok. Lori and I are headed to the gym where I’ll just workout my upper body which I prefer anyhow. Then it’s to the tile shop and the house to keep working on things. Boys are well, they have a half day today. It’s warmer than it’s been for a week which is nice. It was 57 yesterday. So not the best day but you do what you have to do. Pop Quiz! Who always said that?

Have a great day and God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    The answer is mom!

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