Election Day

Today we’re voting on some local issues but one year from today it’s the big one. As a person who just lives their life, it’s hard to know what or who to vote for as they lie left and right on tv. One example here is there’s tons of ads running to vote for a proposition called CC. They have grandmother type looking women saying “isn’t it time we start fixing things around here” when what the actual bill does is overturns a bill we passed a few years ago called the Taxpayers Bill of Rights. It forces the govt. to give back money they don’t spend which happens when voters don’t approve specific expenditures. But the govt. is making it sound like it’s for the children, schools and roads when in reality if it passes our Governor can spend our extra tax money on anything he wants like the recent program that has transvestites’ putting on fashion shows for kindergarten classes, I kid you not. So the point is you have to read the bill yourself! Stop believing everything you see on tv!

Today we all have more of the same. Harley’s doggie daycare texted yesterday wondering if she was ok as we didn’t bring her in. I texted back she’s fine. We’ve just decided to save some money by keeping her home more. With them being closed for three weeks we’ve all sort of gotten into a routine that works. She’s getting lots of exercise and is doing well and Mojo likes having her home.

We’re also cutting back on other expenses trying to save money as school is so expensive and we have college coming up next year.

We’re hoping they put on our new gutters today as snow melts all day and then freezes at night creating an ice rink outside every morning. I should sue. Time to take the dogs up the hill so that’s it. Hope all’s well, take care, be safe and God Bless.

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