Winner winner chicken dinner!

The Bronco’s won! Whoo hoo! We had a blast enjoying the game at Jeff and Tina’s hanging out and eating homemade steak fajita’s. When the game was over it was off to home. We arrived by 7 pm.

Before I forget, Ali asked if she could buy tickets to Denver Fashion Week where Jag is modeling and the answer is yes. It’s the 17th at 4 pm, more to come as we’ll be there!

Today I need to get some license plates, clean the boys rooms, do a ton of laundry, go down to the house, stop by a tile store, meet Ty and his tutor, and shop for dinner. Oh wait, 2 or 3 times up the hill with the dogs too!

Sorry I’m late today, thanks to Tom for the reminder, take care and God Bless.

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