And it’s here!

Snow that it, not too much but a good 3 inches. It’s more on the dry side which makes it lighter and easier to shovel but that also means it’s colder outside. Not that big of a deal though, it’s just snow. I’m sure the ski areas love it.

Jag skipped his soccer game as he and Lori had a college meeting scheduled at school. Both boys have lots of work to do as the Quarter ends next Tuesday. That’s hard to believe, we’re already 25% through the school year, wow!

They just said Vail Pass is closed eastbound meaning the boys will have to take the frontage road to school. Jag has never driven in the snow so that’ll be a new experience this morning. He’s responsible for breakfast this morning so Lori made like 40 crepes last night for him.

Time to run, as I need to clean off cars and other things associated with the white stuff. I’ve already shoveled the deck, fed the dogs and taken them both out. Luckily we don’t have a bunch of horses and cows huh. God Bless.

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