Here it comes

Tomorrow we’re getting snow, not sure how much but it’ll be cold. Should be back in the 60’s by Saturday. I need to get tires on Lori’s car but that’ll have to wait until next week. Jag’s sleeping in for an extra hour or so, so I’ll take Ty this morning. Lori is heading to the gym so I’ll take Harley too. Our roof is almost done and will hopefully have all the shingles on by the end of the day.

We have Lori’s spine conference this weekend and then she goes to see her Mom next weekend and then it’s almost Halloween. Soon we’ll be in the throws of winter. Maybe we’ll get lucky and get a month off after this little storm. Guess I’ll try to get Ty up. Jag had a soccer game last night and I think has another one today. Time to get moving, God Bless.

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