Yesterday am I was out early again. After a long hike we finally spotted an elk high up on a hill between some trees. I set up for a shot and slowly squeezed the trigger and click, nothing happened. The rifle didn’t fire. I quickly tried to cycle another round and of course it was jammed., finally I got a shot off but with him moving it hit a tree. Then I cycled another round and again, click! Two misfires in 3 shots. Apparently I have a defective trigger and the rifle is going back to Texas today. Of course this does nothing for me now so this year, no elk. That’s ok though, I’ll go again next year.

Last night I was up at midnight. The hole in my ear was hurting a bit and I’ll need to get to a doctor today. Hopefully it’ll heal on its own but it’s like having a blown speaker in my head. Lots to do today, they say snow tomorrow night. Ty stayed home sick yesterday. He had a fever but hopefully he’s better today. That’s it, time to go, have a great day, and GB. Here’s a couple of pictures of where the elk live!

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