Lori’s spine conference starts tomorrow. She’s been working hard for months to get this all together. Dr. C. finally gave her the agenda at 11pm night before last. Registration starts at the Arrabelle at 7:30 tomorrow morning. Hope it goes well.

Ty has a few tests today and was up until 12:40 am last night as he couldn’t sleep. That’s what happens when you drink coffee late in the afternoon unless you’re a pro like me.

I talked to Jonny yesterday as Harry had a CAT scan the day before on his birthday and then a bone marrow test I guess yesterday. We both hope he’s ok. Lori said this morning he probably has melanoma and doesn’t know it as being a carpenter he’s seen a lot of sun in his life. That’s what happened to her dad and they didn’t find it in his hair until it was too late. Ugh, prayers for Harry.

I worked out with a new trainer yesterday who is about the buffest, shortest, girl you’ll ever meet. She had some sort of heart scare a few months ago and was short on clients so I thought I’d giver her a try. She kicked my ass! From my shoulders to my glutes (ass) to my calves, I’m sore. It’s a good feeling to workout and be sore.

Ty and I might go to Denver tomorrow while Lori has her conference. I have a guy who works for me coming in from New York for the game Sunday. He has a buddy who has a few restaurants and he’s re-writing the wine list for him with a bunch of our stuff. I’m expensing my tickets and letting them go.

It’s 7:20 now and Ty still needs to shower and Jag is still in bed so time to get them both moving. Hope everyone is well. Lori goes to her mom’s next weekend and the boys have a 3 day weekend. We didn’t plan that very well. Dixie needs to either move out here or move into a place where she can get some help and have some friends. We know she’ll make friends wherever she is as she’s a friendly person! That’s it, God Bless.

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