In the Roman calendar, which had only ten months, October was 8th month, as January and February hadn’t been added to the calendar yet! Like its neighboring months September, November, and December, the numerical name stuck; even after Julius Caesar expanded the calendar year from ten months to twelve. October entered Old English via Old French, replacing the English vernacular term Winterfylleð. There’s your fun fact for the day.

Ty was home sick yesterday and according to Jagger, lots of kids at school have the crud. He also had a recheck on his shoulder and although he’s feeling better, he needs 3 more weeks at minimum to heal. Dr. Provencher said if Ty was one of his football players he wouldn’t let him play even one play. So more rest is the prescription.

Jag was studying away last night as he has some paper due today in Constitutional Law. He’s now leaning towards International Relations or International Law. I told Tommy yesterday he’d make a good lawyer as he argues everything, ha.

Lori and I narrowed down the hardwood floors and think we’re all set. More things to chose coming up fast. I’m off to Denver after I drop Harley at 7 and it’s 5:53 now so time to get moving. I cleaned Jag’s room yesterday from top to bottom including his bathroom. I had to wear gloves and found a few giant spiders. It’s spotless now or at least it was yesterday afternoon. I managed to get the kitchen and living room and downstairs bathroom done too and had both stairs cleaned by the carpet cleaners. More to do today when I get home but it’s a start. That’s it, have a good day, GB.

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