Almost October!

I guess there’s something like 3 or 4 feet of snow in parts of the northern Rockies. Glad it’s not down here. It’s nice outside with cooler but not cold temperatures. The colors are beautiful with the trees changing but it hasn’t peaked yet.

Yesterday we left for the Bronco game a little before 11 am. Luckily, depending on how you look at it, we were stopped at this side of the tunnel due to some accident or vehicle breakdown. After a few minutes it was clear we wouldn’t make it on time so I skirted the problem on the side of the road and went up and over the Dept. of Transportation road that goes above the tunnel and turned around and headed down I-70 back towards Vail. With the day open we decided to go to the Parade of Homes in Breckenridge and tour a bunch of new houses to get more ideas. It was fun and we found a bunch of things we liked. We made it home by half time with the Bronco’s leading 17 to 6 and then in the second half everything fell apart and we lost again partially due to another phantom roughing the passer call with a couple minutes to go, what a joke. Anyhow glad we didn’t have to sit through that!

It’s a bit after 7 am and we overslept. The kids will probably be late today which will then translate to us being late for our day too. There’s a meeting after school on college financial assistance we need to go to today also which will make for a long day.

Time to get moving. Hope you enjoyed the pictures from Homecoming. It was a fun weekend. Have a great day and week and God Bless.

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