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Ok, the above, silly as it seems, is how anti-gun people think. Anyone who thinks that getting rid of guns, any gun, isn’t thinking rationally but rather emotionally. As I said before, I’m fine with Universal Background checks and other screening methods to help identify people (mostly misguided youth) from buying a gun. Hell, go ahead and raise the age limit too, that’d probably help. But if you think banning any gun will solve the problem, you’re just part of the problem and don’t really want to find a solution.

Yesterday Trump went on tv and called for unity in addressing the problem and condemned white supremacy which some say is part of the problem yet before the blood has dried in El Paso Dems are calling HIM a racist. The shooter in El Paso left a manifesto (basically a long letter of his thoughts) stating all his beliefs were in place long before Trump decided to run for President. He also praised Elizabeth Warren, the radical left and environmentalists and ANTIFA, the violent democratic group that beats up anyone wearing a Trump hat or who thinks different than they do. So, the shooter was a Democrat, yet you don’t hear that from the politicians now do you. In the interest of unity, I’ll stop now but anyone blaming anyone rather than trying to find a solution is again, part of the problem.

On to the day. I made it to my Mom’s by noon and Harry, James and I loaded out the rest of the trash. The people buying the house sign this morning at 9 or so meaning the end of an era is here. As I said yesterday, it’s sad but just an old empty house now. Lots of good memories there but that’s all that’s there, memories.

Today I’m at the distributor and then have a couple appointments before getting home probably around 3. Ali’s mom’s service is a week from Saturday and I think Lori is going to see her mom two days before that. Jag is going to Steamboat with Emma tomorrow for two days and Ty has Deb this morning. Lori is doing a little better but still has a lingering headache. It’s 6:24 now so time to get moving. Hope all’s well, have a good day, be safe and God Bless.

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