Aspen and Steamboat

Today I’m off to Aspen and Jag is off to Steamboat with Emma and her family. I’ll be back this afternoon and Jag will be back Saturday morning. Mom and Dad’s house is officially sold. The buyers signed around 9 yesterday morning. Lori had a long day yesterday, I picked up some poison ivy on the mountain walking the dogs and Ty finished one of his books for school. Jag will be shooting sporting clays (clay pigeons) in Steamboat which should be fun. My buddy Jeff in Hawaii who we’ve helped out a bit as he lost his house, sent me a guitar that arrives today, what fun! You might remember he’s my friend of 40 plus years that plays with everyone from Fleetwood Mac to Aerosmith and others. He’s a great guitar player but not really good with money or finances.

Harley woke me at 4:50 to go out and see the stars. Mojo tagged along and peed and then both went back to sleep until 6:30. That’s it, no politics today even though there’s lots to talk about like the Texas Dem Presidential candidate who published names and addresses of Trump donors and the Dems who protested outside Mitch McConnell’s house chanting “die” and “murder” and “we’re going to stab you and your wife in the heart”! You democrats must be proud of your side, wow. God Bless.

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