The last day

Today is the last day that our family home will be in the family. It’s kind of sad but ok as since Mom and Dad are gone, it’s just not the same. We sure did have a lot of memories there though. I’m sure everyone remembers their home growing up. Lori sure does as I hear about Woodlake all the time. Oh well, it’s part of life, everything changes or evolves.

I’m training from 9:30 until 11:30 and then will meet James and Tom there to clean out the last few things. I think Tom signs the papers at 9 am and the people (I don’t remember their name) sign and take possession tomorrow. They did their final walk through yesterday afternoon.

Speaking of training, here’s something short I read yesterday that I think sums up most of these shootings. Read this,

Isolation and no social development combined with excessive use of gaming and other things including drugs seem to be factors. Destruction of the family, which has taken place in recent decades, with absentee parenting, where a kid can develop into a loner, can create paranoia and dysfunction.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. Nothing much like this happened when we were kids. Lori said yesterday we should force our kids to watch The Andy Griffith Show as there’s a lot of subtle life lessons in each episode. And now you already have Dem politicians blaming Trump, unbelievable. This whole thing will spur talk of taking guns away from law abiding citizens and in turn a rush at gun stores with more people buying guns as they’re afraid our supposed representatives will take away their Constitutional rights. So in the end, thanks to the Dems, there will be more guns out there. Kind of ironic isn’t it.

Moving on, Lori’s neck is hurting really bad. She’ll get an MRI today and we’ll see what’s up. It could be a torn muscle or a slipped disc and she could end up in surgery. We’ll see. Hoping for the best. Time to shower and get moving. Emma and Jag hung out most of the day. It’s sure nice not having to drive those two around anymore. She has some new freckles on her face from being in the sun for 10 days! Take care, watch your back and God Bless.

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