Dog poop

We slept in until a little after 7. When we finally fell out of bed and walked down the stairs, we were greeted by a nice pile of dog poop on the stairs and more along with pee at the bottom of the stairs, great. So for the next 20 minutes or so, Lori and I were cleaning up. Mojo is getting pretty old. He has a hard time getting up and also coughs more these days. He is over 100 in dog years though so it’s to be expected. He’s still happy and likes his walks up the mountain and cherishes any people food so that’s good.

Today Lori and I are headed to get her hair done around 2 this afternoon. I did get the drum set and Lori’s cruiser bike out of Mom’s garage. Not much left there except two 55 gallon drums I need to get for water storage.

Jag is all independent with his new car. He took Ty to the grocery store and back and then went to Emma’s. Her dad let Jag drive her and Reese (Emma’s little brother) to the park but wants to wait a few weeks before letting Jag drive them on the highway, ha. Jag did get home around 8 as there’s lots of construction on I-70 and he didn’t want to be caught out in the dark just yet. He’s going to breakfast at 8:45 this morning with a couple of friends. He’s super thankful and willing to do whatever to help as he knows how lucky he is which is nice.

We have a busy week coming up with 2 or 3 parties and 3 nights in Aspen from Thursday until Sunday. A bunch of friends from Denver are coming up for the weekend too. Ty is sleeping and Jag is getting ready to head out. Not sure if we’re going to the gym as we went last night at 5. That’s about it, can’t believe it’s almost August! Soon Fall will be here, then Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. A neighbor of ours in Eagle texted that the cement trucks are at our house so framing starts soon. I’ll get some pictures next week. Life goes fast. That’s it, have a great weekend, God Bless.

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