New Car!

Yesterday after a quick morning doctor appointment, we continued our search for a good new to us (meaning used) car for Jagger. By 1 pm after a few hours of back and forth, Jag and Lori drove away in a 2015 Audi Q5. Ty and I headed back to Flatirons in our loaner car to pick up the Rover which looks brand new after a thorough detailing and oil change. Word of warning, oil changes and the first service on a Range Rover are about $700! To be fair while you change the oil on most cars at 3500 miles, you wait until 16,000 to 18,000 miles on a Land Rover! So in the end I guess it costs about the same.

Jag dropped Lori at the hospital and drove home on his own. He called me saying how independent he felt as it was his first time driving solo with no one else in the car. He’s very happy and should be as it’s a nice car, but he deserves it. We’re still nervous about him driving on his own but he just needs to do it. I remember when we were kids we got our learners permit at 15 years and 9 months and 3 months later we had our license. I think we all remember getting our first car. Mine was a mustang and Lori’s was an old, I think Oldsmobile from her grandma. By the way, Ty wants a Volkswagon Bus or a diesel truck.

Around 6 we all (with Emma) headed out for a fun dinner in Beaver Creek. By 9 we were home and tired. I think today I’ll head down to Mom’s to get the rest of our stuff out of the garage. We have a cruiser bike, a drum set and a few other small things and that’s it. Next week we’re in Aspen and then the week after is the only week before the house sells. It’ll be hot today and maybe rainy tomorrow so I might as well get it out of the way. That’s it, time to get moving. Hope all’s well, God Bless.

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