On their own

With Jag and his car, the boys are out there, here and there, on their own. Yesterday Jag went to the lake and then I think later to Emma’s and then they along with Ty went to see the Lion King. It ended at 8:30 so they took the frontage road home to avoid the road construction in the dark. They strolled in about 9:30 like two college kids saying “what’s up”. We were a little worried as we thought the movie was out at 8:30 which it was but then the boys took Emma home. So all is well. I watched Jag drive away yesterday morning from the balcony and he did well. Everyday he’s more comfortable.

Meanwhile Lori and I were looking at tile and countertops in Denver before getting her hair done at 2. We were caught in a rain storm that was really bad in other parts of the city. There was a lot of water on the road and the rain continued until we hit Frisco. Tom texted saying it was really bad in Lakewood. As we drove over Vail Pass and saw the view Lori said just how lucky we are to live up here. No traffic, little to zero crime, no bad storms meaning hardly ever any hail and never any bad wind storms, and unsurpassed beauty. Of course all that too comes with a big price, meaning most everything is more expensive up here. Still we’re really lucky to live where we live and we love it.

Today we’re going to see Marci’s horses. She said she’d pay Ty to exercise and ride them and he’s been looking for a job. They’re very nice people we’ve known a long time. I think they might come over to Aspen for the big party next Saturday. Not sure what Jag is doing. First up Lori and I are headed to the gym and then I’m cleaning up around the house and garage. This week is going to go fast so time to get prepared. Hope everyone is well. Have a great day, God Bless.

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