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Last night the blog went down. I was checking it as I needed to leave early to go get Lori. Well after getting her in Denver and getting her back up here, I’ve been on with Dreamhost for 2 hours trying to get this fixed. Obviously it’s fixed!

First thing I’m going to do within the next few weeks is print out all the posts in case this happens again. what a scare.

Anyhow Lori is at work, Ty is still at camp and Jag and Emma are in Minturn having lunch or walking around. Lots going on at work but that’s for another day. Thank God the site is back up! Great to have Lori home. She’d like to go see her Mom every week if she could (Annette too) but that’s not possible. I think Dixie is doing ok though Lori said she was a bit tired.

Time to go as I have a lot to do, take care, God Bless and God Bless the techs at Dreamhost!

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