Back at it

Lori worked from about noon until 5 yesterday and has a long day today too. Tomorrow Jag and I are going to tour CU and today I have some running around to do. If you saw the post yesterday afternoon, you know the blog was down. Thankfully it’s up and running now.

We received back objections from the people that want to buy Mom’s house. They came up with about $130K worth of objections which considering their offer, isn’t going to work for us. This means the house will probably be back on the market by the weekend. That’s ok though, better than giving it away. Besides what did people think a house built in 1946 was going to be like.

We had some big rain yesterday. Hope Ty and his backpacking group weren’t caught in the open. He comes home Saturday and on Sunday Jag gets fitted by some designer for modeling in a fashion show in Denver. Not sure how they found him but he is tall, thin and good looking, ha. That’s it, God Bless.

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