Well Lori made it to the airport on time and to her flight. She said the plane was cold but arrived on time too. Meanwhile I was training for about 3 hours and then had lunch with Alan. He’s really one of the best so even if you’ve been shooting for decades, you still learn a lot. Most of our drills work on USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) matches meaning you’re timed and have specific targets and places on the targets you have to hit to score. He wants me to start shooting matches. Anyhow it was fun.

Jag was babysitting the dogs and around 6:30 went to Emma’s thing. I was asleep when he made it home. This morning I’m running over to Aspen to pick up and drop some samples and invites to the party we’re co-hosts of at the end of the month. More on that later.

The weather is nice and we hope Ty is having a blast. I’m sure he is. Lori called and woke me about 30 minutes ago. Harley woke me at 3:20 to go out so I slept in a bit. They had another earthquake in California, this time a 7.1. You never know but these and the aftershocks are not normal so I told her to be careful. They even cancelled a basketball game in Las Vegas and evacuated the MGM Center. There’s also an abnormal surge in Yellowstone geyser activity, not a good sign. Now I’m not saying California is going to fall into the ocean or even that the big one is coming although some scientists say these could be foreshocks, not aftershocks. If so, a larger quake is coming and we all know it’s just a matter of time anyhow. So if you’re in earthquake country (Annette!) go get some extra food, water and batteries for your flashlight today! Also make sure your cars are filled with gas.

Time to get moving. I hope to be back by 2 at the latest. Have a great day, be safe and God Bless.

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