5 am

Lori and I are up early and will be out the door by 6. Her flight boards at 9 so we need to be at the airport by 8. Today in Southern California they had a 6.4 earthquake. I always hate for Lori to go to California for a number of reasons and now we can add earthquakes to the list. I get that the weather is pretty mild all year long but what a screwed up State. Personally I prefer 4 distinct seasons. She’s only there for about 66 hours thank God.

After dropping her at the airport I’m headed to the gun range with my buddy Alan who is a World Class shooter and a U.S.P.S.A. Champion to train. We’re going through some defensive and competition drills for about 3 hours as he’s off to a match about noon. Then I’ll head home to see what Jag is doing. At night Emma is in some theater thing at school where she’s helping out for a bunch of actors that came up from Denver. Jag will go and I might go with him unless I’m too tired.

Ty’s doing well at camp. They send us updates and I guess he was mountain biking and did some more rock climbing today. The best thing about camp is no cell phones and computers for two whole weeks! We’d love for this to continue but the kids get sucked right back in the minute they’re home.

That’s it, hope everyone had a good 4th. We went to the gym and pool and Lori burned her little stomach a bit in the hot sun. Have a good day, be safe and don’t listen to all the crap on tv! God Bless.

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