July 4th

First up, not sure why yesterday’s post didn’t show up so today you get to read two! If you don’t know how to see yesterdays, look at the top of the page on the left or right and click on “Driver’s License”.

Happy Independence Day! Today we celebrate our freedom. Just a couple reminders of why we’re free. Funny because they’re so true!



Here’s one more for ya,

So what’s up today? Yesterday we had a long day with Jag and I going back to Frisco after going to Gypsum to take one more test to get his drivers license. We had to go to Gypsum which is 30 miles in the other direction to pay $50 so he could take the driving portion of his test from a driving school. Once he passed, yea!, we headed back 60 miles to Frisco to turn in all his paperwork and get his official license. It’s a big day in a kids life as I think we all remember the day we got our license.

By the time we made it home it was 2 or so as I had a call in between from 11 to 12. After getting his license we hit the grocery store before heading home. We picked up some ribs, hamburgers and shrimp to cook today.

Around 5 Jag and I picked up Emma from theater at school and I dropped them both in town. Then on a whim, Lori and I headed to Denver to replace her rings that go on each side of her wedding ring as we had to return the two she had as the stones kept falling out. Lori had ruby guard rings but decided to switch to blue meaning sapphires. They had one in stock and the other one will arrive in a week or so. We all know how a girl loves her jewelry.

Today we’re headed to the gym and then hopefully to the pool at the Westin when it warms up. We joined for the summer so we had a pool to go to. It’s a salt water pool and the gym is great. Hoping for a hot day.

We have to get up really early tomorrow like 5 am to leave for the airport for Lori’s flight to Sacramento. She’s gone from tomorrow morning until Monday morning. Lots going on at work but that’s for another day.

Today remember how and why you’re free. Our ancestors fought and gave their lives to free us from oppression from an over bearing government that tried to control every aspect of our lives. Sound familiar? It should. Funny how history repeats itself yet most of us are so wrapped up in what’s on tv, or our social media accounts or trying to impress others for some unknown reason that we forget what’s important. We’d better get our shit together as the way things are going we’re going to end up in another civil war or something. I wish people would think and take responsibility for themselves. The government is not going to solve all your problems and owes you nothing no matter how much you think it does or will. So have a great day and God Bless you all and God Bless America.

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