Drivers license

This morning Jag and I are going to Gypsum so he can take the driving portion of his drivers license test. There’s like a month wait with the DMV so we’re paying a private company $50 to get it done today. We’ll see if he passes as the roundabouts and other roads up here are pretty confusing. He’s been driving a lot but he could use more practice.

Ty is having fun according to the pictures Lori received. She’s sending me some to post. We miss him and it’s only been 3 days. We’re sending him a care package today with some snacks and his pillow which we forget to take every year. We’re going to run to the gym quickly so time to get going. Go out and exercise your freedom today! Do something, anything that you can that others in less fortunate countries can’t do. We take so much for granted. And to all of you that want more restrictions on your life supposedly for the good of the people (that’s what the Dems say), remember it’s easy to lose your rights but virtually impossible to get them back! Happy 4th! Be safe as there will be a lot of drunk people out for sure, God Bless.

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